Key Points

  • Li Lu's Q1 2023 portfolio is valued at 2.04 Billion and comprises 7 carefully chosen stocks.
  • The portfolio witnessed a remarkable increase of $112M in its current position value, highlighting Li Lu's astute investment decisions.
  • Li Lu's concentrated approach allows for in-depth analysis and active management of each investment, maximizing returns.
  • His investment philosophy focuses on exceptional businesses with durable competitive advantages and sustainable growth prospects.

Li Lu from Himalaya Capital Management LLC Q1 2023 portfolio is causing a stir in the investment world. With a reported value of 2.04 Billion distributed across a carefully selected group of 7 stocks, the portfolio has garnered attention for its impressive performance.

Examining the 13F form, we can see a significant increase of $112M in the current position value, reflecting the astute investment decisions made by Li Lu and his team.

The Q1 2023 portfolio

The Q1 2023 portfolio showcases Li Lu's strategic approach to investment, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. While the number of stocks in the portfolio may seem relatively small compared to other investment firms, each position has been carefully chosen to maximize returns and minimize risk.

One notable aspect of Li Lu's portfolio is its concentration in a few key stocks. This concentrated approach allows for a deeper analysis and understanding of each company, enabling Li Lu to capitalize on unique opportunities and potential market inefficiencies. By focusing on a select few stocks, Himalaya Capital Management can closely monitor and actively manage its investments, ensuring optimal performance.

The increase of $112M in the portfolio's current position value is a testament to Li Lu's investment prowess. It highlights his ability to identify undervalued companies with strong growth potential. Li Lu's investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that long-term value creation comes from investing in exceptional businesses with durable competitive advantages. By adhering to this philosophy, he has consistently achieved impressive results for his clients.

While the specific stocks held in the Q1 2023 portfolio have not been disclosed, it is widely anticipated that Li Lu has made strategic investments in companies that align with his investment principles. These could include businesses with strong moats, sustainable growth prospects, and visionary leadership.

Li Lu's success as an investor can be attributed to his unique background and experience. Prior to founding Himalaya Capital Management, he worked closely with renowned investor Charlie Munger and was mentored by the legendary Warren Buffett. This exposure to two of the most successful investors of our time has shaped Li Lu's investment philosophy and provided him with valuable insights into the principles of value investing.

Top Holdings

  • BAC | Bank of America Corporation
  • MU | Micron Technology Inc.
  • GOOG | Alphabet Inc. (Class C)
  • BRK-B | Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Class B)
  • GOOGL | Alphabet Inc. (Class A)
  • Bank of America Corporation (BAC): A leading financial institution providing a range of banking and financial services globally.

  • Micron Technology Inc. (MU): A semiconductor company specializing in memory and storage solutions for various industries, including data centers and consumer electronics.

  • Alphabet Inc. (GOOG): The parent company of Google, offering a wide array of internet-related products and services, including search engines, online advertising, and software development.

  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-B): A multinational conglomerate led by Warren Buffett, with diverse holdings in industries such as insurance, energy, manufacturing, and retail.

  • Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL): The Class A shares of Alphabet Inc., providing shareholders with voting rights and ownership stakes in Google's parent company.

Top Buys

  • EWBC | East West Bancorp, Inc. (New Holding)
  • BAC | Bank of America Corporation (Added by 23.95%)

East West Bancorp, Inc. (EWBC): A financial holding company providing a range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. The company operates through various segments and offers services such as commercial banking, wealth management, and mortgage lending.

Li Lu's Q1 2023 portfolio with a reported value of 2.04 Billion distributed across 7 stocks showcases his skill as an investor. The increase of $112M in the portfolio's current position value reflects his ability to identify undervalued companies with strong growth potential. With a concentrated approach and a focus on long-term value creation, Li Lu continues to solidify his reputation as a successful investor in the competitive world of finance

Li Lu

Li Lu

Li Lu is the founder and managing partner of Himalaya Capital Management, a successful investment firm that focuses on value investing. Lu is known for his expertise in value investing and his disciplined approach to investing. He has generated strong returns for his clients over the long term.
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