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  • Sony releases two new music players, the W-ZX707 and LATER-A306, to attract customers to its Walkman brand.
  • The Walkman brand, first introduced in 1979, revolutionized the portable music market and sold over 400 million devices.
  • The new models feature longer battery life and are supported by the latest Android 12 operating system and compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The W-ZX707 has a 5-inch screen and 64GB memory, while the LATER-A306 has a 3.6-inch display and 32GB memory.
  • Prices for the W-ZX707 and LATER-A306 start at $820 and $430 respectively.
  • Lead: "Sony releases new Walkman models, the W-ZX707 and LATER-A306, to attract customers to its iconic portable music player brand.

Sony is back and the latest music players, the Walkman W-ZX707 and LATER-A306, aim to attract new customers to the iconic brand that revolutionized the portable music market in the 1980s and 90s.

Both players feature a sleek design and high-quality sound, with a battery life of up to 25 and 36 hours respectively. They also come with support for the latest Android 12 operating system and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to download and stream music from various apps and services.

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Walkman is back from the nostalgia

The Walkman Legend

The Walkman brand has a storied history, with Sony selling over 200 million cassette-based Walkmans before retiring them in 2010. However, the brand has continuously evolved and adapted to new technologies, from CDs and mini-discs to MP3s and streaming. In recent years, Sony Stock has had to compete with the Apple's stock, which has driven innovation within the Walkman line.

Sony Walkman (Twitter)

The new Walkman models

The new Walkman models come with a larger price tag than their predecessors, with the LATER-A306 starting at around $430 and the W-ZX707 at $820. While these prices may be steep compared to other music players on the market, Sony stock is banking on the nostalgia and reputation of the Walkman brand to attract consumers looking for a premium audio experience.

Sony Walkman (Twitter)

In an increasingly digital world where streaming and cloud-based music has become the norm, Sony's decision to release new Walkman models may seem curious. However, the company is betting on the idea that there is still a market for dedicated music players with superior sound quality and longer battery life. Only time will tell if Sony's gamble pays off, but the company is optimistic that its latest Walkman models will be able to capture the hearts and ears of music lovers once again.

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