Key Points

  • NHS England's Contract: Palantir and Accenture secure a £330 million ($415 million) NHS England contract to implement the Federated Data Platform (FDP) over the next seven years.
  • Federated Data Platform (FDP): The FDP aims to enhance NHS interoperability, focusing on population health management, care coordination, supply chain optimization, vaccination scheduling, and elective procedure recovery.
  • Industry Collaboration: PwC, NECS, and Carnall Farrar are partnering in this initiative to facilitate data-driven healthcare transformations.
  • Privacy Concerns: Despite winning the contract, Palantir faces scrutiny due to its defense sector background and previous critical comments about the NHS by its co-founder, Peter Thiel.
  • Market Impact: The announcement leads to an immediate market valuation dip for Palantir, signaling market sensitivity to data governance and privacy concerns

The collaborative efforts of Palantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR) Inc. and Accenture have secured a significant contract from NHS England.

This groundbreaking agreement, announced today, entails a $415 million project awarded to the consortium, tasked with implementing a data exchange system across multiple NHS centers over the next five years. Part of a broader initiative, this project aims to enhance healthcare outcomes and minimize disparities within the healthcare system.

The Agreement

The Federated Data Platform (FDP), to be launched by Palantir, is specifically designed to bolster interoperability among NHS trusts and Integrated Care Systems (ICS), excluding national GP data. The platform's key focus areas encompass several critical functionalities:

  • Enhancing population health management
  • Streamlining care coordination
  • Optimizing supply chain processes
  • Facilitating vaccination scheduling
  • Expediting elective procedure recoveries

The initial year of the contract is funded at £25.6 million, with a total contract value estimated at approximately £330 million over seven years. The collaboration involves support from professional services firms such as PwC, NECS, and Carnall Farrar. Despite prevailing over competitors like Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) for the contract, concerns regarding privacy have emerged, linked to Palantir's defense sector background and comments made by its co-founder, Peter Thiel, criticizing the NHS.

Dr. Vin Diwakar, NHS England's Deputy Chief Executive, Transformation and Corporate Operations, underscored the significance of leveraging data to optimize patient services and minimize wait times. Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir, has committed to delivering software solutions to support these objectives.

Following contract award, a six-month migration phase will initiate, dedicated to transitioning the system into the new FDP framework. Not only aiming to enhance direct care and planning, the FDP also aims to strictly adhere to NHS England's stringent data governance regulations, restricting access to research.

The announcement had an immediate impact on Palantir's market valuation, causing a dip to $43 billion.

The venture marks a crucial milestone in harnessing technology to revamp healthcare, promising improved efficiency and better patient outcomes. Yet, scrutiny looms over data governance, privacy concerns, and past associations, highlighting the need for transparent practices and accountability in leveraging sensitive health data for societal benefit. As Palantir and its consortium partners embark on this transformative journey, the healthcare landscape watches keenly, hoping for a blueprint that not only elevates care but also upholds ethical and privacy standards.

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