Key Points

  • 1. Robert Kiyosaki warns of a financial collapse and advises investing in assets like gold, silver, and bitcoin.
  • 2. He highlights the risks of fiat currencies, particularly the US dollar, euro, and Japanese yen.
  • 3. Kiyosaki predicts the rise of new, stable cryptocurrencies and the wider usage of China's digital renminbi.
  • 4. He criticizes Bitcoin's volatility and suggests an inflation-linked cryptocurrency for preserving purchasing power.
  • 5. Kiyosaki believes that the development of new currencies may be more attractive and viable than Bitcoin.

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' author Robert Kiyosaki reiterated his call to buy assets serving as value reserves.

Kiyosaki's references to Bitcoin (BTC) are becoming more frequent, as he foresees an imminent collapse of the financial system as we know it.

According to Kiyosaki's own words, "Don't be afraid. Get ready. The US debt is $34 trillion and increasing by $1 trillion every 90 days. The United States is sick. Get ready now. Buy more gold, silver, and bitcoin. Please, take care of yourself."

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' author Robert Kiyosaki talked about Bitcoin

But Kiyosaki pointed out that the dominating fiat currencies are the real cause for concern, particularly the US dollar, the euro, and the Japanese yen.

"We're in a world where money as we know it is in jeopardy," said Kiyosaki. "We're printing too much, and it's not just in the United States."

He also noted China's push to trade in yuan and promote its digital renminbi, predicting wider usage.

"If Saudi Arabia sells oil in renminbi and then buys things from China in renminbi, when they get it, they'll have more renminbi, it'll be a higher percentage of their reserves," said Kiyosaki. "The question in the coming years is really what is money, not just as a medium of exchange but as a store of wealth."

While Bitcoin has been hailed as the future of currency, he said it's too volatile. And stablecoins, often deemed safer than Bitcoin, are basically fiat currencies, he added.

The best bet would be an inflation-linked cryptocurrency that can guarantee purchasing power, said Kiyosaki.

"If you created a currency that says 'OK, this is purchasing power that I know I can save and put my money in for a period of time and conduct transactions,' then I think that would be a good currency," he said. "So, I think you'll see the development of currencies you haven't seen before, and they'll probably end up being attractive and viable currencies. I don't think Bitcoin is."

Bitcoin Emerges as Haven Amid Financial Turmoil: Robert Kiyosaki Urges Purchase!

Renowned author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', Robert Kiyosaki, delivers a stark warning about the future of money, advocating for investments in assets offering stability.

Kiyosaki voiced his concerns about the US financial situation, labeling the current system as sick.

"Don't panic. Get prepared. The US debt stands at $34 trillion and keeps rising by $1 trillion every 90 days. The USA is in bad shape. Get ready now. Invest more in gold, silver, and bitcoin. Take care," urged Kiyosaki.

However, Kiyosaki emphasized that the root of the problem lies in fiat currencies, particularly the US dollar, euro, and Japanese yen.

"We're facing a crisis where traditional money is at risk," Kiyosaki warned. "We're witnessing excessive money printing, and this isn't just happening in the USA."

Kiyosaki also highlighted China's efforts to promote its digital renminbi, suggesting a shift in global currency dynamics.

"If Saudi Arabia starts trading oil in renminbi and conducts transactions with China in renminbi, they'll end up with more renminbi, making it a significant portion of their reserves," explained Kiyosaki. "The question looming ahead is the very definition of money, not just as a medium of exchange but as a store of wealth."

While Bitcoin has gained traction as a potential currency of the future, Kiyosaki criticized its volatility. Instead, he proposed an inflation-linked cryptocurrency capable of preserving purchasing power.

"If we create a currency that guarantees stability and serves as a reliable medium of exchange and store of value, it could become a viable currency," said Kiyosaki. "We may witness the emergence of new currencies that prove to be more attractive and viable than Bitcoin."