Key Points

  • Cantillon Capital Management LLC's Q1 2023 portfolio is valued at $12.3 billion, reflecting a $472 million increase from the previous quarter.
  • The top holdings of Cantillon Capital Management LLC include companies from various sectors, such as healthcare, technology, and consumer goods.
  • The fund has increased its holdings in some companies, such as Facebook and Visa, while reducing its holdings in others, such as Alibaba and Alphabet.
  • William Von Mueffling, the founder of Cantillon Capital Management LLC, is known for his value-based investment strategy and has been recognized as one of the top investors in the industry.

The latest 13F form of Cantillon Capital Management LLC reveals that William Von Mueffling's Q1 2023 portfolio has grown by $472M, increasing its position value from $11.8B to $12.3B. The portfolio includes 74 stocks with a reported value of 12.3 Billion. Von Mueffling's investment strategy focuses on long-term value and growth-oriented stocks in the technology, healthcare, and consumer sectors.

Here are some of the key holdings in the portfolio:

Technology stocks

The portfolio has a significant allocation of technology stocks, including companies that focus on cloud computing, software, and semiconductors. These stocks have been performing well and have contributed to the growth of the portfolio.

Healthcare stocks

Von Mueffling has a strong conviction in the healthcare sector, investing in companies that are focused on developing new drugs, medical devices, and healthcare solutions. The portfolio includes stocks of companies that have a robust pipeline of products in the clinical trial phase.

Consumer stocks

The portfolio has also invested in companies in the consumer sector, including those focused on e-commerce and retail. These stocks have performed well due to the shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping.

  • SPGI | S&P Global Inc.: A leading provider of credit ratings, benchmarks, and analytics in the global financial markets.
  • AVGO | Broadcom Inc.: A multinational semiconductor company that designs and develops a wide range of digital and analog semiconductor connectivity solutions.
  • ADI | Analog Devices, Inc.: A semiconductor company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing integrated circuits.
  • V | Visa Inc.: A multinational financial services corporation that facilitates electronic fund transfers through Visa-branded credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.
  • TMO | Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.: A global biotechnology company that provides a range of analytical instruments, reagents, consumables, software, and services to the life science, clinical diagnostics, and industrial markets.

Geographic diversification: The portfolio has a diverse geographic allocation, with investments in both domestic and international markets. The portfolio has a significant allocation in the United States, but also includes investments in European and Asian markets.

New positions: The 13F form reveals that Cantillon Capital Management LLC has initiated new positions in the financial and industrial sectors. These new positions indicate that Von Mueffling sees opportunities in these sectors, which may perform well in the current market environment.

William Von Mueffling's Q1 2023 portfolio shows a strong focus on long-term value and growth-oriented stocks. The portfolio's significant allocation in the technology, healthcare, and consumer sectors reflects Von Mueffling's confidence in these sectors' future growth potential.

William Von Mueffling

William Von Mueffling

William Von Mueffling is the founder and CEO of Cantillon Capital Management, a successful investment firm that focuses on global equities. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Von Mueffling has a reputation as a skilled investor and is known for his expertise in value investing.
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