Key Points

  • 1. The AirTag 2 is unlikely to be released until 2025, with potential upgrades focusing on battery life and size.
  • 2. The highly anticipated Apple Car is expected to be released in 2026, with possible hints in CarPlay updates.
  • 3. Apple is unlikely to release a professional-oriented iMac Pro, with the iMac M3 remaining the go-to model for the general public.
  • 4. Foldable iPhone or iPad devices may be expected in 2025 or 2026, potentially starting with an iPad as a litmus test.
  • 5. The iPhone SE 4 may not be released until 2025, marking a longer gap between generations.

As the new year unfolds and we wave goodbye to the festive holiday season, our focus often shifts to what tech behemoth Apple has in store for its consumers in 2024. Yet, it's equally intriguing to explore what Apple won't be unveiling this year, shedding light on products with slim chances of debuting in the near future.

The AirTag 2

Apple's beacon device, the AirTag, remains a top-tier accessory, prized for both its functionality and cost-effectiveness. Anticipating significant improvements might lead to disappointment, as upgrades may primarily focus on enhanced battery life or reduced size.

While whispers of an 'AirTag 2' loom, analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo suggest its arrival isn't likely until 2025. Apple seems to have delayed this development to prioritize more substantial products, like the Vision Pro.

The Apple Car

For those optimistic about witnessing Apple's foray into the automobile industry within a year, temper your expectations. While Apple is indeed working on what appears to be an 'Apple Car,' this ambitious project remains several years away, possibly aligning for a 2026 release.

It's perhaps one of Apple's most ambitious undertakings post-Vision Pro, yet subject to possible postponement or alterations. For now, hints might emerge through CarPlay's latest updates, offering glimpses of what's to come.

Revival of an "iMac Pro"

The iMac, an iconic Apple product and arguably the most popular desktop in the market, won't fade away. However, it seems unlikely that Apple will revisit a professional-oriented iMac, featuring a large display or a high-end chip, based on Apple's current priorities. Details on this "iMac Pro" are scarce.

The iMac M3 appears to remain the go-to model for the general public, catering to those seeking a compact, aesthetically pleasing desktop capable of handling tasks that even align with semi-professional needs. Nevertheless, in favor of modularity, we have the Mac Studio.

Foldable iPhone or iPad

Foldable devices—phones and tablets—have carved their niche in the tech market. Clues suggest Apple has been developing its foldable screens; however, don't anticipate these innovations in 2024.

Optimistically, we might expect these devices in 2025 or 2026. Rumors hint at an iPad before an iPhone, potentially serving as a litmus test for user reception. A successful launch might pave the way for foldable displays across various product ranges.

The iPhone SE 4?

Finally, speculation hovers around the iPhone SE 4, a budget-friendly Apple phone shrouded in uncertainty. Major leakers predict its absence until 2025, potentially marking the first time over three years pass between two generations of this iPhone.

While uncertainties swirl around these potential releases, Apple's meticulous planning and innovation continually reshape the tech landscape. As consumers anticipate these offerings, Apple retains its tradition of surprise unveilings, keeping the excitement high for future innovations.

Stay tuned for more updates and surprises from Apple, keeping your curiosity piqued as the tech giant continues to shape our digital future.

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