Key Points

  • Diversification Strategy: Rochon's portfolio consists of 60 stocks, indicating a focus on diversification. By investing in a variety of companies across different sectors, he aims to reduce risk and potentially enhance returns.
  • Impact of Market Conditions: The decrease in the portfolio's value may be attributed to various factors, including market fluctuations, industry-specific challenges, or company-specific events. Understanding the market conditions during the quarter can provide insights into the performance of the portfolio.
  • Active Management Approach: Rochon's decision to buy, sell, or hold specific stocks within the portfolio demonstrates an active management approach. This strategy involves continuously monitoring market dynamics and making adjustments to optimize the portfolio's performance.
  • Long-Term Investment Outlook: Successful investors like Rochon typically focus on the long-term prospects of the companies they invest in. While short-term fluctuations can impact the portfolio's value, a comprehensive analysis considers the fundamentals, growth potential, and competitive advantages of each holding.
  • Research and Analysis: To build and manage a successful portfolio, extensive research and analysis are crucial. Investors like Rochon often dedicate significant time and resources to thoroughly understand the companies they invest in, including their business models, financials, and competitive landscapes.

In the world of finance, tracking the portfolios of successful investors can provide valuable insights into market trends and investment strategies.

One such investor, Francois Rochon of Giverny Capital Inc., recently released the details of his Q1 2023 portfolio. With a reported value of 1.56 billion dollars spread across 60 stocks, Rochon's portfolio offers a glimpse into his investment decisions and the current state of his holdings.

Examining the 13F Form

Examining the 13F form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we can observe a decrease of 53.2 million dollars in the portfolio's current position value, down from 1.62 billion dollars in the previous quarter. This change prompts a closer look at the individual stocks within the portfolio and the factors that may have influenced Rochon's investment decisions.

While the specific names of the companies in Rochon's portfolio are not disclosed, the significant decrease in overall value suggests that some positions experienced a decline during the quarter. It is important to note that fluctuations in the market are common, and skilled investors like Rochon carefully navigate these changes to optimize their portfolios for long-term growth.

As we analyze Francois Rochon's Q1 2023 portfolio, it is important to remember that investment decisions should be based on individual circumstances and goals. While learning from successful investors can be insightful, it is essential to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

Top Holdings

  • BRK-B | Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - 8.78% of portfolio
  • FIVE | Five Below Inc. - 7.93% of portfolio
  • AME | AMETEK Inc. - 7.82% of portfolio
  • MKL | Markel Corporation - 6.5% of portfolio
  • KMX | CarMax Inc. - 5.87% of portfolio


Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-B) is a multinational conglomerate holding company known for its diversified investments. With an extensive portfolio spanning various industries, it has consistently delivered strong performance. Explore the potential of BRK-B in this comprehensive analysis.

Five Below Inc. (FIVE) is a specialty retailer that targets the tween and teen market, offering a wide range of trendy and affordable merchandise. Discover the growth prospects and market dynamics driving FIVE's position in Francois Rochon's portfolio.

AMETEK Inc. (AME) is a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. Its innovative solutions and strong customer relationships have contributed to its success. Delve into the details of AME's presence in the portfolio and its potential for future growth.

Markel Corporation (MKL) is an insurance company specializing in niche markets, providing coverage for a diverse range of risks. MKL's disciplined underwriting approach and long-term investment strategy have earned it a reputation as a solid performer. Learn more about MKL's position in the portfolio and its prospects in the insurance industry.

CarMax Inc. (KMX) is a leading retailer of used vehicles and automotive services, known for its transparent and customer-centric approach. With a strong brand and an expanding network of stores, KMX has positioned itself as a trusted player in the industry. Discover the reasons behind its inclusion in Francois Rochon's portfolio.

Top Buys

  • FISV | Fiserv Inc. - New holding
  • IBP | Installed Building Products Inc. - Added by 2.61%
  • PGR | The Progressive Corporation - Added by 4.31%
  • FBHS | Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc. - Added by 0.07%
  • LULU | lululemon athletica inc. - Added by 3.85%


Fiserv Inc. (FISV) is a global provider of financial technology solutions, empowering businesses with advanced payment and banking solutions. Explore the reasons behind Francois Rochon's decision to include FISV as a new holding in the portfolio.

Installed Building Products Inc. (IBP) is a leading provider of installation services for residential and commercial building products. IBP's strong market position and strategic growth initiatives make it an attractive addition to the portfolio. Discover the potential driving its inclusion.

The Progressive Corporation (PGR) is an insurance holding company known for its innovative products and customer-centric approach. With a consistent track record of growth, PGR has caught the attention of investors. Uncover the factors contributing to its addition in the portfolio.

Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc. (FBHS) is a leading provider of home and security products, offering a wide range of trusted brands. FBHS's strong market presence and focus on innovation make it an intriguing choice in the portfolio. Delve into its potential for long-term growth.

Lululemon athletica inc. (LULU) is a popular athletic apparel brand known for its high-quality products and strong brand loyalty. LULU's consistent growth and expanding customer base have made it a compelling addition to the portfolio. Explore the factors driving its inclusion.

In the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets, investors can draw inspiration from the strategies employed by experienced professionals like Francois Rochon. By closely examining portfolio holdings and understanding the rationale behind investment decisions, individuals can enhance their own knowledge and potentially improve their investment outcomes.