Key Points

  • Amazon's Impact: Amazon has made a substantial contribution to the U.S. economy, injecting over $880 billion into the national GDP since 2010.
  • Employment Powerhouse: As the second-largest private employer in the country, Amazon employs nearly 1 million Americans, offering competitive wages and comprehensive benefits.
  • Reducing Unemployment: Amazon has hired a significant portion of previously unemployed individuals, particularly in fulfillment and operations roles.
  • Supporting Small Towns: The company's presence is a boon for small towns, where two out of every five Amazon-created jobs are located.
  • Boosting Local Retail: Communities that receive Amazon investments experience a surge in local retail jobs, revitalizing their economies.

In the intricate web of the U.S. economy, Amazon emerges as a powerhouse, weaving threads of growth and employment. The statistics below illuminate the profound influence of Amazon on the American economic landscape.

Contribution to National GDP

Since 2010, Amazon has been a driving force behind the U.S. economy, contributing over $880 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This staggering figure underscores the pivotal role the company plays in fortifying the national economy.

Amazon has ascended to become the second-largest private employer in the United States, boasting nearly 1 million employees across the country. The company not only creates well-paying jobs but also offers robust benefits, making a substantial contribution to the labor market.

Unemployment Reduction

Jeff Bezos' brainchild has been instrumental in reducing unemployment, hiring a significant number of previously unemployed individuals. Notably, 47% of its workforce in fulfillment and operations roles falls into this category. This underscores Amazon's commitment to providing opportunities for individuals of all skill levels and work experiences.

Two out of every five jobs created by Amazon in the U.S. are situated in small towns. This geographical distribution reflects the positive economic impact of the company on less densely populated communities.

Communities receiving investments from Amazon witness an average increase of 900 local retail jobs. This translates into a significant stimulus for the local economy and a surge in spending at local businesses.

Amazon Career Choice Program

Over 100,000 Amazon employees in the U.S. have enhanced their professional prospects and purchasing power through the Amazon Career Choice program. This initiative provides education and training in new skills, creating opportunities for professional development.

Lastly, more than 500,000 small and medium-sized enterprises sell their products on Amazon, generating approximately 1.5 million additional jobs nationwide. This underscores the corporation's role as a platform for the growth of small businesses.

Amazon's multifaceted contributions go beyond commerce, intertwining with the very fabric of the American economy, shaping local communities, and providing pathways for personal and professional growth. As the company continues to evolve, its impact on the U.S. economic landscape remains a compelling narrative of growth and empowerment.


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