Key Points

  • FDA Nod for Novavax: The FDA's approval of Novavax's updated Covid booster enhances the vaccine landscape.
  • Age-Appropriate Vaccination: Novavax's booster is approved for individuals aged 12 and above, expanding vaccination coverage.
  • Targeting Omicron Subvariant: Novavax's modification addresses the XBB.1.5 subvariant of omicron, showcasing adaptability to emerging strains.
  • Diverse Vaccine Technologies: Novavax's protein-based approach differs from mRNA vaccines, offering a unique tool in the fight against Covid.
  • Supply Challenges: While approved, demand outpaces supply, a common challenge faced by Covid vaccine manufacturers.

In a significant move, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the green light to Novavax's updated Covid booster, marking a crucial development in the ongoing battle against the ever-evolving virus. The FDA's approval, disclosed late Tuesday, triggered a surge in Novavax's stock (NVAX), gaining notable traction just before the market's closing bell.

The Industry

Novavax, a key player in the pharmaceutical arena, anticipates the widespread availability of the updated doses "at thousands of locations" in the imminent days. Notably, the FDA's clearance encompasses Novavax's booster shot for individuals aged 12 and older. The primary modification in the vaccine aims to combat the XBB.1.5 subvariant of the omicron strain. Although presently constituting a minority of sequenced cases in the U.S., the company asserts its efficacy through promising results in laboratory testing against various strains.

Diverging from the messenger RNA (mRNA) technology employed by Pfizer (PFE) and its partner BioNTech (BNTX), as well as Moderna (MRNA), Novavax relies on a distinctive protein-based approach. Both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have received FDA approval for their updated vaccines in the preceding month. However, reports indicate challenges in meeting the robust demand, with Moderna acknowledging the daily shipment of additional supplies to keep pace.

In the after-hours trading that followed the FDA announcement, NVAX stock experienced a marginal dip. However, a remarkable upswing of 8.2% occurred post the FDA's endorsement, bringing NVAX shares to 7.67. Contrastingly, the stock performance of Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna remained relatively subdued during the late market activities.

The approval of Novavax's updated Covid booster not only fortifies the arsenal against the virus but also contributes to the broader narrative of combating emerging variants. As the world navigates the complexities of vaccine distribution and efficacy against evolving strains, Novavax's distinct approach marks a pivotal chapter in the relentless pursuit of global immunity against Covid-19.


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  • Novavax, Inc., a biotechnology company, focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of vaccines to prevent serious infectious diseases and address health needs. The company's vaccine candidates include NVX-CoV2373, a coronavirus vaccine candidate that is in two Phase III trials, one Phase IIb trial, and one Phase I/II trial; Nan...
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