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  • Microsoft AI is a natural language generation (NLG) technology that uses machine learning algorithms to generate human-like text.
  • The technology can be used in various industries, such as finance, journalism, and customer service.
  • Microsoft AI can help increase productivity by automating repetitive writing tasks, such as creating reports or composing emails.
  • The technology uses advanced language models, including GPT-3, to generate accurate and relevant text based on input data and templates.

Microsoft has reinvented search and the browser experience with the all-new AI-powered Bing and Edge.

The search engine and browser have been combined into a unified experience that offers users better search results, complete answers, a new chat experience, and the ability to generate content. Microsoft aims to change how people benefit from the web by providing them with an AI copilot for the web.

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New Technical breakthroughs from Microsoft

Microsoft's Bing and Edge are the result of four technical breakthroughs that the company has achieved. The new Bing runs on a next-generation OpenAI large language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT and customized specifically for search.

Microsoft has also developed a proprietary way of working with the OpenAI model called the Prometheus model, which combines with the AI model to offer more relevant, timely, and targeted results with improved safety.

Microsoft has also applied the AI model to its core Bing search ranking engine, which led to the largest jump in relevance in two decades. With this new AI model, even basic search queries are more accurate and more relevant. The company has reimagined how users interact with search, browser, and chat by integrating them into a unified experience that opens up a new way of interacting with the web.

Together with OpenAI, Microsoft has implemented safeguards to defend against harmful content. Both companies are working to address issues such as misinformation and disinformation, content blocking, data safety, and preventing the promotion of harmful or discriminatory content in line with the AI principles.

The work that Microsoft and OpenAI are doing builds on the company's long-term effort to bring AI into everyday life in a responsible manner.

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Bing and Edge Powered by AI

With the all-new Bing and Edge, Microsoft is set to change the way people interact with the web and make search and browsing a more enjoyable experience. The company aims to empower users to unlock the joy of discovery, feel the wonder of creation, and better harness the world's knowledge. Microsoft recently announced its multi-billion dollar investment with OpenAI, which marks the third phase of their partnership.

This deal will help both companies commercialize advanced technologies in the future and bring about breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (and also give to the investors a nice view about their stocks performance). OpenAI is considered one of the top three AI labs globally, with its most famous works including the ChatGPT and Dall-E AI software.

Microsoft's Bing search engine now features an AI-powered chatbot, which has been given early access to a small group of people. CNBC reported that the new Bing can at times be more helpful, or entertaining, than the traditional blue links in search results, and the chatbot is similar to ChatGPT in that it provides more information than what is typically offered by a traditional search engine. If Microsoft manages to get more people to use Bing, it could make the company even more profitable, as every percentage point gain in search advertising equates to $2 billion in new revenue.


ChatGPT vs Bing

In comparison to ChatGPT, Bing provides more information about a particular topic, with results that appear to go beyond what was asked. For instance, if a user asks about German expressionism, ChatGPT generates a simple bulleted list of examples, whereas Bing not only provides a list of examples but also gives users extra context about the artistic movement, complete with footnotes and links to source material.

The new Bing allows users to chat with the search results, providing more information and context to the answers. For example, if a user asks the AI-powered search engine if its response is wrong, the chatbot will provide more information to validate its previous answer. Bing can also perform similar tasks to ChatGPT, such as providing bulleted lists and extra context about a particular topic.

Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI brings about exciting possibilities in the field of AI. With Microsoft's renewed investment and Bing's AI-powered chatbot, the company is pushing boundaries and providing more information and context to its users. Microsoft's success in this venture could bring about a major shift in the way people use search engines, making the company even more profitable in the process.


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