Key Points

  • 1. NVIDIA introduces NVIDIA Quantum Cloud, a cloud service for quantum computing exploration in scientific domains like chemistry and biology.
  • 2. The cloud service is built upon NVIDIA's open-source CUDA-Q platform and allows users to develop and evaluate quantum algorithms and applications.
  • 3. Key features include the Generative Quantum Eigensolver for identifying the ground-state energy of molecules and integrations with Classiq and QC Ware Promethium.
  • 4. NVIDIA Quantum Cloud is embraced by over 160 partners in the quantum computing ecosystem, including major cloud service providers and quantum companies.

In a monumental move, NVIDIA has introduced a cutting-edge cloud service designed to propel quantum computing exploration across critical scientific domains like chemistry, biology, and materials science.

The New Launch

The newly launched NVIDIA Quantum Cloud is built upon the company's renowned open-source CUDA-Q™ quantum computing platform, widely adopted by three-quarters of companies employing quantum processing units (QPUs). Operating as a microservice, it empowers users to forge and evaluate groundbreaking quantum algorithms and applications in the cloud for the first time, including robust simulators and tools for hybrid quantum-classical programming.

Tim Costa, NVIDIA's director of HPC and quantum computing, expressed, "Quantum computing presents the next revolutionary frontier of computing and it’s going to require the world’s most brilliant minds to bring this future one step closer. NVIDIA Quantum Cloud breaks down the barriers to explore this transformative technology and lets every scientist in the world harness the power of quantum computing and bring their ideas closer to reality."

Key Features and Integrations

NVIDIA Quantum Cloud boasts robust capabilities and seamless integrations with third-party software to accelerate scientific exploration, such as:

The Generative Quantum Eigensolver, developed in partnership with the University of Toronto, leverages large language models (LLMs) to expedite a quantum computer's ability to identify the ground-state energy of molecules.

Classiq's integration with CUDA-Q empowers quantum researchers to create expansive, intricate quantum programs and perform in-depth analysis and execution of quantum circuits. QC Ware Promethium tackles intricate quantum chemistry problems, including molecular simulation.

NVIDIA boasts over 160 partners within its quantum computing ecosystem. Leading cloud service providers, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, along with prominent quantum companies such as IQM Quantum Computers, OQC, ORCA Computing, qBraid, and Quantinuum, are integrating Quantum Cloud into their offerings.


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