Institutional shares held 56.3 Million
2.91M calls
2.47M puts
Total value of holdings $3.16B
$164M calls
$139M puts
Market Cap $4.39B
78,009,296 Shares Out.
Institutional ownership 72.14%
# of Institutions 551

Latest Institutional Activity in CRSP

Top Purchases

Q1 2024
Capital International Investors Shares Held: 7.84M ($441M)
Q1 2024
Eco R1 Capital, LLC Shares Held: 1.39M ($78.1M)
Q1 2024
Sr One Capital Management, LP Shares Held: 1.05M ($59M)
Q1 2024
Morgan Stanley Shares Held: 1.09M ($61.1M)
Q1 2024
Contrarius Investment Management LTD Shares Held: 666K ($37.4M)

Top Sells

Q1 2024
T. Rowe Price Investment Management, Inc. Shares Held: 2.7M ($152M)
Q1 2024
Voloridge Investment Management, LLC Shares Held: 44.3K ($2.49M)
Q1 2024
Ark Investment Management LLC Shares Held: 8.16M ($459M)
Q1 2024
Jane Street Group, LLC Shares Held: 175K ($9.84M)
Q1 2024
Bellevue Group Ag Shares Held: 620K ($34.9M)

About CRSP

CRISPR Therapeutics AG, a gene editing company, focuses on developing gene-based medicines for serious diseases using its proprietary Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated protein 9 (Cas9) platform. Its CRISPR/Cas9 is a gene editing technology that allows for precise directed changes to genomic DNA. The company has a portfolio of therapeutic programs across a range of disease areas, including hemoglobinopathies, oncology, regenerative medicine, and rare diseases. The company's lead product candidate is CTX001, an ex vivo CRISPR gene-edited therapy for treating patients suffering from transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia or severe sickle cell disease in which a patient's hematopoietic stem cells are engineered to produce high levels of fetal hemoglobin in red blood cells. It also develops CTX110, a donor-derived gene-edited allogeneic CAR-T investigational therapy targeting cluster of differentiation 19 positive malignancies; CTX120, a donor-derived gene-edited allogeneic CAR-T investigational therapy targeting B-cell maturation antigen for the treatment of relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma; and CTX130, a donor-derived gene-edited allogeneic CAR-T investigational therapy targeting Cluster of Differentiation 70 to treat various solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. In addition, the company develops VCTX210, a gene-edited immune-evasive stem cell-derived product candidate for the treatment of treatment of type 1 diabetes; and pursues various in vivo gene-editing programs that target the liver, lung, muscle, and central nervous system diseases. It has strategic partnerships with Bayer Healthcare LLC, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, ViaCyte, Inc., Nkarta, Inc., and Capsida Biotherapeutics. CRISPR Therapeutics AG was incorporated in 2013 and is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

Insider Transactions at CRSP

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Last 12 Months Summary

Buy / Acquisition
From 5 Insiders
Exercise of conversion of derivative security 225K shares
Grant, award, or other acquisition 1.05M shares
Sell / Disposition
From 4 Insiders
Open market or private sale 185K shares
Payment of exercise price or tax liability 2.53K shares

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